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Robyn Schelp
President & Lobbyist

MoDE Board

Michelle Ribaudo
Christina Ingoglia
Vice President
Allen Photo.jpg
Allen Schelp

How can you support the advocacy work of MoDE?

  • Make sure to subscribe to our emails. We will keep you updated on legislation and let you how you can help by making phone calls, sending letters, or having conversations. By subscribing to MoDE emails, you will also get updates on the non-legislative advocacy work of MoDE Foundation.

  • Follow us on Facebook. We try to send our regular emails but our Facebook posts are often more up-to-date. Also, follow MoDE Foundation on Facebook to learn what advocacy work they are doing.

  • Donate to MoDE. It costs money to advocate and lobby. Your donations are needed for MoDE to continue its advocacy work.

  • Become a MoDE Foundation partner.

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