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Endorse the Legislation - Join our Coalition

Our main legislative priority this year is to expand the autism mandate so children with other developmental disabilities can get the same insurance coverage as children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). The insurance lobby is strong so it is necessary for us to form a large coalition of individuals, organizations, and businesses who support the expansion of the autism mandate.

By joining MoDE's Therapy for All Children Coalition, you are publicly endorsing this legislation and strengthening our cause by growing a group of like-minded advocates. We will add your name or your business/organization's name to a list of those who have endorsed the insurance legislation, so lawmakers can see the strong statewide support for the legislation. We will email you updates on this legislation, encouraging you to periodically make phone calls, write letters, and testify at hearings.

There is no cost to join the coalition. We simply want to show a large, unified support of an expansion of the autism mandate. It is time for all of Missouri's children to get the therapies they need to reach their full potential!

Endorse the legislation by joining our Therapy for All Children Coalition.

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