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Therapy For All Children

In 2010, autism legislation was passed in Missouri requiring insurance to cover therapies for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We are working hard to get legislation passed which would expanded the autism legislation to cover children with any developmental disability. We need your help in two main ways:

      Email or call legislators
      Encourage others to send emails or make phone calls


Email or Call the Legislators

SB45 passed out of committee and now is waiting to be heard on the Senate floor. At this point, every State Senator will have the chance to learn about the legislation and vote on it. 

HB399 has unanimously passed through both House committees. It is scheduled to be heard for perfection on the House floor Tuesday, March 5. All state representatives will get to discuss and vote on the legislation.

Please send a brief email or call each member of the Senate, as well as to your representative and other representatives in leadership. Simply ask the legislators to please support HB399 or SB45. Share why this is important. If emailing, make sure to include where you live. Here are sample emails in case you aren't sure what to write.


We know there are a lot of names listed. To make it easier, click on the email address. Your email account should pull up, with the recipient and subject already entered. Simply copy and paste your message and send it to each legislator. Thank you for taking the time to do this.


Support SB45

Sen. Dave Schatz        Dave.Schatz@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-3678

Sen. Caleb Rowden     Caleb.Rowden@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-3931      

Sen. Mike Ceirpiot      Mike.Cierpiot@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-1464

Sen. Cunningham       Mike.Cunningham@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-1882

Sen. Ed Emery            Ed.Emery@senate.mo.gov
                                 (573) 751-2108
Sen. Dan Hegeman     Dan.Hegeman@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-1415
Sen. Lincoln Hough     Lincoln.Hough@senate.mo.gov
                                 (573) 751-1311

Sen. Jeanie Riddle      Jeanie.Riddle@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-2757

Sen. Gary Romine      Gary.Romine@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-4008

Sen. Wallingford        Wayne.Wallingford@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-2459

Sen. Doug Libla          Doug.Libla@senate.mo.gov
                                 (573) 751-4843

Sen. Luetkemeyer        Tony.Luetkemeyer@senate.mo.gov
                                 (573) 751-2183

Sen. Paul Wieland      Paul.Wieland@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-1492

Sen. O'Laughlin          Cindy.OLaughlin@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-7985

Sen. Sandy Crawford  Sandy.Crawford@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-8793

Sen. Bernskoetter        Mike.Bernskoetter@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-2076

Sen. Justin Brown        Justin.Brown@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-5713

Sen. Lauren Arthur      Lauren.Arthur@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-5282
Sen. Kiki Curls            KikiCurls@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-3158
Sen. Karla May          Karla.May@senate.mo.gov
                                 (573) 751-3599

Sen. John Rizzo          John.Rizzo@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-4551

Sen. Nasheed            Jamilah.Nasheed@senate.mo.gov
                                 (573) 751-4415
Sen. Eric Burlison        Eric.Burlison@senate.mo.gov
                                 (573) 751-1503

Sen. Scott Sifton          Scott.Sifton@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-0220

Sen. Gina Walsh         Gina.Walsh@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-2420

Sen. Brian Williams     Brian.Williams@senate.mo.gov

                                 (573) 751-4106


Support HB399

Rep. Elijah Haahr              Elijah.Haahr@house.mo.gov

        Speaker of the House                          

Rep. John Wiemann          John.Wiemann@house.mo.gov

         Speaker Pro Tem                              

Rep. Rob Vescovo             Rob.Vescovo@house.mo.gov 

         Floor Majority Leader

Rep. J. Eggleston              J.Eggleston@house.mo.gov 

        Assistant Floor Majority Leader                            

Rep. Steve Lynch               Steve.Lynch@house.mo.gov 

        Majority Whip                              

Rep. Sonya Anderson        Sonya.Anderson@house.mo.gov 

        Majority Caucus Chair 

Rep. Chris Dinkins             Chris.Dinkins@house.mo.gov

         Majority Caucus Secretary
Rep. Jeffrey Messenger      Jeffrey.Messenger@house.mo.gov

         Majority Caucus Policy Chair

Rep. Crystal Quade           Crystal.Quade@house.mo.gov 

         Minority Floor Leader       

Rep. DaRon McGee           DaRon.McGee@house.mo.gov 

        Assistant Floor Minority Leader                            

Rep. Brandon Ellington       Brandon.Ellington@house.mo.gov 

        Minority Whip                              

Rep. Tommie Pierson Jr.       Tommie.Pierson@house.mo.gov 

        Minority Caucus Chair 

Rep. Kevin Windham          Kevin.Windham@house.mo.gov

         Minority Caucus Vice-Chair

Rep. Barbara Washington   Barbara.Washington@house.mo.gov

         Minority Caucus Secretary

Rep. Sarah Unsicker           Sarah.Unsicker@house.mo.gov

         Minority Caucus Policy Chair


Encourage Others to Support the Legislation

Our legislators need to see statewide support of this legislation. Encourage your friends, teachers, neighbors, and others to send a quick email to the legislators. When children with disabilities get the support they need, the entire community benefits! Also, encourage them to follow our efforts on Facebook or to sign up for our e-mailing list.