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Flat MoDE Kids

MoDE parents have spent the past four years advocating at the capitol with their children at their sides. Through it all, MoDE children have learned to advocate for themselves and for their siblings. They have testified at hearings and met with legislators. With COVID, most of our children will not be joining us at the capitol this year in person, but they are still very much a part of our advocacy. We have created Flat MoDE Kids so they can still have their own presence in the building.

What are Flat MoDE Kids?

We invited MoDE families to fill out a survey and send a photo of their children if they wanted to participate in the Flat MoDE Kid activity. These surveys were used to write an introduction letter to a state senator or representative. Each child's photo was turned into a Flat MoDE Kid. Every Missouri legislator received a Flat MoDE Kid and a letter to get to know the child. Every Flat MoDE Kid represents a real child in Missouri.

paper cut out of child with House chamber behind it
Paper cutouts of children with MoDE shirts on

What do legislators do with the Flat MoDE Kids?
Our hope is that the legislators will take the Flat MoDE kids with them to "see" different parts of their day. Legislators are encouraged to take photos with their Flat MoDE Kids throughout the weeks and post them on social media with the hashtag #FlatMoDE. We will share the photos on MoDE's FB page and Twitter, as well as on this webpage.

Our goal is that through Flat MoDE Kids, new relationships will be created between legislators and MoDE families. We want our children to be able to learn more about the legislative process and see how their advocacy makes a difference. Our legislators will also have a chance to learn about the children that their decisions impact. 

Photo Gallery

Flat MoDE Kid Photo Gallery


Flat Hudson joins Sen. Holly Rehder in the Senate dias.


Sen. Rehder and Flat Hudson sit through a Senate committee hearing. The Senate committees are more formal than House.


Representatives Bayse, Tate, Taylor, and Cook met with MoDE kids on the steps of the Capitol.


Majority Floor Leader Ploucher introduced his Flat MoDE kid Paul on the House floor. Paul was joined by his father and older brother Jacob.


Flat Paul's mom visits with Rep. Travis Smith while Flat Paul looks on.


First Lady Parson met with MoDE kids at the Governor's Little Library. MoDE kids donated inclusive children's books.


Rep. Chuck Basye took the time to meet with MoDE kids and their families after HB228 was third read and passed in the House.


Flat Catherine visits with Rep. Mike Haffner bfore he heads to the House floor.


Flat Catherine visits Rep. Sara Walsh. Flat Catherine asks the representative where she got her cool red boots.


Flat Brenna checks out the elephants in Rep. Eggleston's office.


Flat Brenna had a great time visiting Rep. J. Eggleston's office this week.


Flat Catherine visits Rep. Craig Fishel and gets a little ride in his shirt pocket.


Rep. Willard Haley introduced Colton, Hudson, and mother Sara on the House floor. Rep. Haley met this MoDE family thanks to our Flat MoDE kids. 


The House welcomed many MoDE families to the gallery by waving their MoDE kids.


Rep. Dottie Bailey met up with MoDE families outside the Upper Gallery in the House. Rep. Bailey is sponsoring the seclusion & restraint legislation.


MoDE families met Rep. Ian Mackey and thanked him for sponsoring the seclusion & restraint legislation.


Flat Xavier sips coffee while visiting with Rep. Stephens. We know everyone says coffee stunts growth. Good thing Flat Xavier is happy with his 7in stature.


Flat Brenna checks put the golden elevator. The elevators in the Capitol can be a little finicky. 


Flat Catherine checks out Rep. David Evans' Legislator of the Year award while waiting for him to return from a committee hearing.


Flat Paul's friends heard how much fun Paul was having with Majority Floor Leader Plocher so they decided to join the party.


Flat Brenna met Officer Hoskins and Burbon (that's the correct spelling). Burbon, a bomb sniffing dog, is a Springer Spaniel who came from Poland. They work at the Capitol.


Flat Paul met Cool Papa Bell in Majority Floor Leader Dean Plocher's office. Too bad neither had a baseball or they could have had fun!


Flat Emily and Flat Brenna take a little field trip to Missouri's Supreme Court located across from the Capitol. AG Eric Schmitt's office is located in this building.


Flat Mac checks out the books with Missouri statutes (or laws) in Rep. Knight's office. With statutes passing every year, it's a good thing they are online. 


Flat Reagan might be the first unicorn to ever visit Rep. Dan Stacy's office.


Flat Clayton visits Sen. Bernskoetter and his pet tarantula. It's a good thing Flat Clayton is brave because the senator's spider is almost as big as Clayton.


Flat Suzi checks out all the artwork in Rep. Houx's office. Every legislator gets to decorate his or her own office. It's fun seeing all the different design styles.


Flat Paul convinces Flat Rep. Plocher to take a break from making laws to make snow angels.

Flat Leo spends the day with Rep. Patty Lewis. Some of our MoDE kids use communication devices. Just a reminder that our kids have a lot to say as they self-advocate.


Rep. Brenda Shields shows Flat Jace one of the best views in the capitol--the rotunda.

20210215_163823 (1).jpg

Carson was all smiles to get mail from Rep. Yolanda Young. He received a photo of the representative with Flat Carson and a pin.


Rep. Bishop Davidson has such a nice time with Flat Maria that he invited the real Maria and her family to visit him at the capitol where they were introduced on the House floor.


Even with the mask on, you can tell Rep. Riley is all smiles to get to spend the day with Flat Izzi.


Flat MoDE Kids are everywhere! Poor Rep. Dean Plocher can't seem to ever get away from Flat Paul. 


Flat Jace is thrilled to find Rep. Brenda Shields' office. With so many offices in the building, it is easy to get lost.


Rep. Davidson and Maria visit Sen. Caleb Rowden. Sen. Rowden represents the district where Maria lives.


Rep. Riley shows Flat Izzi the statute of Meriweather Lewis. In June 1804, Lewis and Clark explored Missouri along the Missouri River.


Snow and ice aren't keeping the representatives from going to work. Flat Jace and Rep. Shields arrive to the capitol on a very cold morning.


Who knew Waylon Jennings Day was a thing!? Rep. Plocher, Rep. Schroer, and Flat Paul show off their western wear.


Proud dad Rep. Tate introduces his two week old daughter to Flat Amelia.


Flat Hudson poses behind Rep. Hudson's nameplate. The Hudson guys have to stick together!

Rep. Nate Tate shows Flat Amelia the House dias. The Speaker of the House presides over the House from the dias.


Flat Amelia is all smiles visiting Rep. Nate Tate. She has been told be her MoDE friends that Rep. Tate's office has a candy jar near the door and he lets MoDE kids take from it.


Rep. Bishop Davidson introduces Flat Maria to Rep. Don Mayhew. There are usually 163 representatives in the House, but one seat is vacant now.


Sen. Hoskins, his Chief of Staff Rachel, and his LA Kelley show off valentines from MoDE kids. Legislators have LAs and/or chief of staffs to help them get their work done.


Rep. Davidson shows Flat Maria all the desks in the House chamber. The Republicans sit mostly to the left while the Democrats sit to the right.


Flat Sadie shows off the valentine she made for Rep. Gunby. Legislators can't accept gifts but they can accept handmade paper valentines.


Rep. Davidson, Rep. Riley, and Flat Maria talk business in the third floor rotunda. This is usually a busy place but things are quiet since the captiol has fewer visitors because of COVID.


Rep. Kelley introduces Flat Izzi to her friend Kaydence.


Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe shows Flat Paul the MO Seal. Although part of the executive branch, the lieutenant governor resides over the state senate.


MO Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick prepares for a meeting with the help of brothers Flat Colton and Flat Hudson.


Governor Mike Parson takes an important phone call while Flat Nathan listens in.


Rep. Chuck Basye introduces Governor Mike Parson to Flat Abe.


Flat Mac helps Rep. Hulbert vote on the House floor. As of Feb. 4, only four bills have been third read and passed on the House floor.


Flat Morgan is ready to help Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman cast an important vote.


What's the only thing better than hanging out with your Flat MoDE Kid? Hanging out with the real version!


Rep. Chuck Basye and Flat Abe have a strategy chat with MoDE advocates. This is the 5th year Rep. Basye has worked with MoDE.


Rep. Mitch Boggs shows Flat Elliot a bird's eye view of the rotunda from the 4th floor.


Rep. Ann Kelley took Flat Izzi to the top of the capitol building. From the outside of the dome, Flat Izzi can see the river and much of Jefferson City.


Sen. Hoskins spent the afternoon with Flat Coleman. Sen. Hoskins worked with MoDE advocates to get the therapy insurance bill passed in 2019.


Flat Colton and Flat Hudson are excited to see what is inside the vault. Don't worry Treasurer Fitzpatrick--the secret is safe with these two.


Governor Mike Parson and his Chief of Staff discuss state secrets with Flat Will.


Assistant Majority Floor Leader Hannah Kelly shows Flat Jace around her office.


Good think Flat Logan is a math wiz! He's joining Rep. Mayhew in budget committee.


Flat Izzi checks out the view from Rep. Kelley's office. The Truman building is across the road from the capitol.


Flat Eliza gets to know Rep. Sander a bit better. This is Rep. Sander's first term in the House. A person can serve up to four 2-yr terms in the House and two 4-yr terms in the Senate.


We wonder if Treasurer Fitzpatrick told Flat Colton and Flat Hudson about the time he caught a football in the endzone of a Chiefs game.


First Lady Teresa Parson visits with Flat Lilly, Flat Margaret, and Flat Morgan. They have enjoyed spending time in the People's House.


Flat Jace is learning all about MO's budget in the budget hearing.


Flat Izzi and Rep. Kelley get to know each other while spending the day in her office.


Flat Morgan found a quiet moment in the House. Usually the floor is bustling with people and full of conversations.


Flat Drace guards the budget books for Rep. Kurtis Gregory during a budget hearing.


Flat MoDE Kids gather for a little celebration in Rep. Basye's office. HB228 (Recording IEPs) just passed out of the House committee.


Rep. Cheri Toalson-Reisch helps Flat Logan get into the Speaker's fancy chair.


Flat Jonah and Rep. Ian Mackey listen as a MoDE advocate discusses recording IEPs. Both Jonah and Rep. Mackey are in support of HB228.


Each Flat MoDE Kid was matched with 5-6 legislators. Both Rep. Nurrenbern and Rep. Aune get to hang out with Flate Drace.


Flat Nate, Flat Eliza, and Flat Sadie got a little carried away celebrating!


Flat Drace must be tired of walking and catches a ride in a pocket. 


Flat Drace spends the morning with Rep. Buchheit-Courtway on the House floor. As of the end of January, only two bills have been voted out of the House.


Flat Drace joins Rep. Gregory on the Agriculture Committee. It was the first ever hearing for both of them. 


Flat Logan and Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch pay close attention while a MoDE advocate testifies at a hearing.


Knock, knock. Is the Governor in? Missouri has had 57 governors, but none have been female.


Flat Morgan waits with her mom to testify at the hearing for HB228.


Rep. Taylor helps Flat Eliza take her position at the Speaker podium in the House.


Flat MoDE Kids Eliza and Abraham visit Rep. Betsy Fogle and Rep. Emily Weber on the House floor.


Flat MoDE Kid Catherine on the desk of

Rep. Jo Doll.


Flat Drace takes a tour of the Hall of Famous Missourians, located on the 3rd floor of the capitol. Forty-eight Missourians are featured in the hall.

thumbnail (2).jpeg

Gov. Mike Parson shakes the hand of Flat Paul after meeting with him and Majority Floor Leader Dean Plocher.


Flat Drace helps Rep Turnbaugh focus on her work. Legislators spend a lot of time reading emails from constituents.


Rep. Adam Schwadron spent the day showing Flat Will all around the building. The capitol was built between 1913-1917.


Flat Braylin spends the morning with Rep. Bridget Moore Walsh on the House floor.


Rep. Lewis show Flat McLain around the rotunda.


Rep. Trish Gunby spends the morning with Flat Sadie on the House floor.


Flat MoDE Kid Xavier with Rep. Martha Stevens on the House floor.


Flat Drace spends a couple hours with Rep. Buchheit-Courtway in committee. A bill has to be heard and passed in committee before it can go to the House floor.


Majority Floor Leader Dean Plocher and Flat Paul goof off with Rep. David Gregory and Speaker Pro Tem John Wiemann.


Flat Coleman is up way past bedtime as Rep. Lovasco finishes last minute work at 11pm. Legislators' workdays can be very long.


Flat Will is ready to push the green button and vote yes to HB228-Recording IEPs.


Flat Will has a front row seat on Rep. Dottie Bailey's desk watching her work on the seclusion bill.


Flat Paul has a great view of the action on Rep. Travis Smith's door.


Flat Drace spent the day with Rep. Turnbaugh.


Flat MoDE Kid Eliza with Rep. Betsy Fogle on the House floor.

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