Missouri Disability Empowerment (MoDE) is a non-discriminatory organization. Anyone is welcome to attend monthly meetings and be a member. Membership is required to vote and participate on a committee.  There are different levels of membership as described below. The price for memberships will be set by the board and reevaluated every year.

Individual Membership ($10)

Any adult who shares MoDE’s values can be an individual member. Members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings and participate on committees, but there is no attendance or participation requirement. Active members are necessary for the success of MoDE.

Junior Membership (free)

We encourage youth under the age of 18 to participate, as they are an important part of our community and can promote inclusion in their social circles. Junior membership is free, but junior members cannot vote. They may participate on committees and volunteer at events when appropriate. Junior members need to fill out a membership form annually.

Organization Membership ($100)

We welcome businesses and organizations who share our values throughout Missouri to become Organization Members. We understand that advocacy and inclusion benefit every person and business in our communities. MoDE's advocacy efforts support businesses and organizations, but we offer additional support to those who are our members.

Organization members will be recognized on our website with links to their websites. We will have opportunities at many of our events to hand out “MoDE Gift Bags” with flyers, business cards, or trinkets from our organization members. Each organization may have a voting representative at our monthly membership meetings and on the committees.

To read our complete membership policy, click on the link below.