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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities and promote inclusivity through advocacy efforts that lead to policy and legislative change. 

Our Vision

To lead an effort for legislative change related to the advocacy priorities outlined by Missouri Disability Empowerment Foundation. We will tackle disability-related issues that have not been adequately addressed. We hope to inspire new groups and people to take up the cause of inclusivity and to support them as they advocate for policy and legislative change.

Our Values

MoDE believes the following:


  • To effectively make change, we will be a nonpartisan, issue-led organization that welcomes and benefits people of all abilities, diagnoses, and backgrounds.

  • We must empower ourselves and assist others in empowering themselves to advocate for policy and legislative changes that impact those with disabilities.

  • We must make ongoing efforts to be a diverse and inclusive group that is accessible to all who wish to participate. 

  • To effect change, legislatively and otherwise, we will build alliances and develop relationships with stakeholders and lawmaker as we carry out strategic campaigns.

  • In all our meetings internally and with allies we will engage in a rigorous practice of listening and communicating with the goal of building a team that works together and builds consensus while keeping in mind our mission and vision.

  • All our work and interactions will be done with honesty, openness, and integrity. We will acknowledge and address our mistakes, and periodically assess how to best achieve our mission with efficiency and respect for all.

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