MoDE Organization Member

Community is an important component of MoDE. We cannot achieve our goal of inclusivity without the support of businesses and organizations throughout our communities. In return, we work hard to advocate for the needs of these businesses and their clients. We are thankful for the partnerships we have with these organizations--together we work to promote inclusivity in our communities.

Gerti Motavalli, PT


"MoDE has had a huge impact on pediatric clients and their families as well as the physical therapy profession here in Missouri! Their efforts have resulted in a population of children finally receiving the care they needed including PT. Their legislation and education have helped highlight the needs of children with developmental delay and the skilled interventions PT has to offer these individuals." Jeff Krug, PT, MS

"As a business owner, I provide consultation to parents and school districts at local, state, and national levels on issues that affect people with disabilities. My main areas of focus are education, therapies, transition, and vocational training. 
People with disabilities need to be empowered, not pitied. 
It’s important to have a team of allies and advocates to assist you in the battles you face.

You can’t change a system by yourself. You need a team approach. That’s why I joined MoDE. Membership allows me to have a forum to discuss issues and create an action plan to tackle the problem. When I went to MoDE with my concerns about the need for a Special Education PTA, they moved swiftly and within 4 weeks, the amazing Michelle Ribaudo had the SEPTA up and running. It was something I dreamed of for years, and MoDE made it a reality in one month! Next, I went to MoDE and told them of my concerns about Missouri needing some type of policy change to allow non-attorney advocates to represent families in Due Process. There’s a dire shortage of attorneys in MO to represent families. Other states allow non-attorney advocates to represent families to address this shortage, so I would like to see Missouri adopt a similar model. Robyn Schelp had 2 meetings set up with legislators within one week! She created visuals and did the lead-in discussions which made it so easy for me to discuss possible options with my elected officials. She made more progress in a week than I did in a year. As a busy professional, I don’t have time to set up meetings, organize groups, and create visuals for systemic change. That’s the beauty of MoDE. They can take the issues to the next level to assist me with protecting the rights of the people I serve. That way, I can go from being “stuck” to Empowered."  Lara Wakefield, SMARTER Steps