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Preparing for the Hearing

The Senate Insurance and Banking Committee has scheduled to hear SB1074, on Tuesday, March 27, at 8:18am, in the Senate Lounge (first floor) of the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City, MO. This is a public hearing, so we are hoping to have a lot of supporters join us to help us fill the room.

Anyone can testify at a hearing, but you don't have to testify if you come. It is spring break for some schools, so feel free to bring your children. We don't know exactly how the hearing will be run, as that is up to the discretion of the committee chair. We do know that the public will be invited to testify in favor of or against the bill. We know that the insurance companies will be there, so we want to be a strong positive force. Below are some tips on preparing if you do choose to testify.

Plan to arrive a little early. Parking can be a bit tricky. The circle drive around the Capitol is closed for renovations. As of last week, the only entrance open into the building was under the carriage tunnel. We don't know if they have opened another entrance. Bring change in case you end up in metered parking. Check out the parking map to find which lots are available for visitors. We look forward to seeing lots of people on Tuesday.


  • Keep it brief. You will be limited to 2-3min. Do your best to stick to the issue at hand---getting insurance coverage for therapies. How would this affect you, your child, or your clinic? 

  • Don't repeat. Share your story and experience, but if someone has already gone into details about how the First Steps program works or some other topic, please don't repeat the explanation.

  • Be positive. Don't come ready to attack. They are on your side. Share the raw, not-so-pretty details, but keep things as positive as possible.

  • Be prepared. You can write your testimony, but please try to share your story without reading it word for word. You may submit written testimony. You might even want to write out your testimony in case you decide not to share last minute. 

  • Understand the bill. There has been some misunderstanding which we want to clarify. This bill would require insurance to cover therapies for individuals with developmental disabilities. It will not eliminate your deductible, but insurance would cover therapies once the deductible has been met. Co-pays would still exist. Don't testify for something which the bill doesn't do.

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