HB1540: Recording Policies in Public Schools

As House Bill 1540 moves through the legislative process to becoming a law, there are many important stages. Within each stage, we will need to supporters to email, call, or visit certain legislators. We will continue to update this page, letting you know where the bill is and how you can best advocate.


We've hit a small speed bump with HB1540. PLEASE write to every member of the Rules Administrative Oversight Committee, encouraging them to support the bill. We need it to pass this committee to get on the House calendar. 

Rep. Holly Redher- Committee Chair           Holly.Rehder@house.mo.gov                       573-751-5471

Rep. Shiela Solon- Vice Chair                    Sheila.Solon@house.mo.gov                        573-751-3666

Rep. Deb Lavender-Ranking Minority Member     Deb.Lavender@house.mo.gov               573-751-4069

Rep. John Carpenter                                 Jon.Carpenter@house.mo.gov                      573-751-4787
Rep. Shamed Dogan                                Shamed.Dogan@house.mo.gov                    573-751-4392

Rep. David Gregory                                 David.Gregory@house.mo.gov                     573-751-2150

Rep. Hanna Kelly                                     Hannah.Kelly@house.mo.gov                       573-751-2205
Rep. Gina Mitten                                     Gina.Mitten@house.mo.gov                         573-751-2883    

Rep. Nick Schroer                                    Nick.Schroer@house.mo.gov                       573-751-1470

Rep. Noel Shull                                        Noel.Shull@house.mo.gov                           573-751-9458  

Administrative Oversight Committee and House Calendar

HB1540 passed out of the Elementary and Secondary Committee with a vote of 10-0. The next stop is a quick hearing on Monday, Jan. 27, in the Administrative Oversight Committee. This is not a hearing where people come and testify. It will be heard and voted on at the same time. Providing it passes, the bill will then be placed on the House Calendar to be heard on the floor. Please contact House leadership as well as your own legislator, encouraging them to support HB1540. Below is a sample email that you can use as a guideline.

House Leadership
Speaker Elijah Haahr          Speaker of the House                 Elijah.Haahr@house.mo.gov            573-751-2210

Rep. John Wiemann            Speaker Pro Tem                       John.Wiemann@house.mo.gov         573-751-2176 

Rep. Rob Vescovo               House Majority Leader               Rob.Vescovo@house.mo.gov            573-751-3607

Rep. J. Eggleston                Assist. Majoriy Floor Leader        J.Eggleston@house.mo.gov               573-751-4285

Rep. Steve Lynch                House Majority Whip                 Steve.Lynch@house.mo.gov              573-751-1446
Rep. Sonya Anderson         Majority Caucus Chair               Sonya.Anderson@house.mo.gov        573-751-2948

Rep. Chris Dinkins              Majority Caucus Secretary          Chris.Dinkins@house.mo.gov            573-751-2112

Rep. Jeffrey Messenger       Majority Caucus Policy Chair       Jeff.Messenger@house.mo.gov          573-751-2381

Rep. Crystal Quade           House Minority Leader                 Crystal.Quade@house.mo.gov         573-751-3795

Rep. Tommie Pierson          Assist. Minority Floor Leader         Tommie.PiersonJr@house.mo.gov       573-751-6845

Rep. Keri Ingle                   House Minority Whip                  Keri.Ingle@house.mo.gov                 573-751-1459

Rep. Ingrid Burnett              Minority Caucus Chair               Ingrid.Burnett@house.mo.gov             573-751-3310
Rep. Kevin Windham         Minority Caucus Vice-Chair          Kevin.Windhamjr@house.mo.gov      573-751-4468

Rep. Barbara Washington   Minority Caucus Secretary         Barbara.Washington@house.mo.gov   573-751-0538

Rep. Sarah Unsicker           Minority Caucus Policy Chair      Sarah.Unsicker@house.mo.gov           573-751-1285

Also, please take the time to email your personal legislator. Emails can be found on the House Member roster.

If you do not know your state representative, look him or her up on the left side of the House's home page under Find Your Representative.  

Sample Email

Please support HB1540 which should be on the House Calendar next week after being heard in the Administrative Oversight committee on Monday. It bans schools from creating policies which prohibit parents and guardians from recording IEP and 504 plan meetings. (In 2-3 sentences explain why you think reporting is important.) Thank you for helping children with disabilities and their families.



This sample is very basic. You are welcome to share personal stories. These can make a big impact. We want to stress that it doesn't have to be long or fancy. Please take the time to reach out to all the committee members. Your emails can swing votes.

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