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HB228: Recording IEPs and Seclusion & Restraint

Both HB228 (Recording IEPs) and HB387 (Seclusion & Restraint) have been combined onto HB228. The bill has passed through Senate Education Committee but is on the Senate calendar waiting to be third read on the Senate floor. With two weeks left until the end of session, we need to rally and let Senate leadership know how important these bills are to MO families.

Please email President Pro Tem Schatz ( and Majority Floor Leader Rowden ( asking them to third read HB228 on the Senate floor. Below is a sample email but PLEASE do not copy and paste. Templates are often ignored by legislators. Change it up a little and keep it short. If you live in their districts, make sure to mention you are a constituent.
Please send emails over the weekend of April 30 - May 2. 

Please call the offices of President Pro Tem Schatz (573-751-3678) and Majority Floor Leader Rowden (573-751-3931) on Monday, May 3, anytime after 10am. Keep it simple. "I am calling to ask President Pro Tem Schatz to please third read HB228 on the Senate floor. This bill is important to me and thousands of students in Missouri." 

Please make phone calls Monday, May 3 or Tuesday, May 4.

Sample Email

Dear Speaker Pro Tem Schatz,
Please third read HB228 on the Senate floor. This bill allows parents to record IEP and 504 plan meetings. It also places guidelines on seclusion and restraint in MO schools. (In 2-3 sentences explain why you think recording and/or seclusion guidelines are important.) Thank you for helping students with disabilities and their families.



This sample is very basic. You are welcome to share personal stories. These can make a big impact. We want to stress that it doesn't have to be long or fancy. If you are Schatz or Rowden's constituent, please make sure to let him know in the email.

What's next?
The Majority Leader will hopefully bring HB228 up for discussion and a vote. Once a House bill is third read and passed in the Senate, it returns to the House for a final vote. If the House agrees to changes made in the Senate, the bill then heads to the Governor to be signed into law. HB228 is in the final stretch. We are hopeful it can get heard on the Senate floor with time to make it back to the House for a final vote. 

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