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 Seclusion & Restraint

As House Bill 119 & HB387 move through the legislative process to becoming a law, there are many important stages. Within each stage, we will need to supporters to email, call, or visit certain legislators. (To see the path that the bill will have to take to become a law, visit A Bill's Journey to Becoming a Law.) We will continue to update this page, letting you know where the bill is and how you can best advocate. Since both bills are the exact same, HB387 is the one currently moving. 


HB387 will be heard in the Senate Education Committee on Tuesday, April 20. Please send an email to the committee members, encouraging them to support the seclusion and restraint bill. A sample email is listed below the committee members.

Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin      
Sen. Rick Brattin               
Sen. Lauren Arthur            
Sen. Mike Cierpiot            
Sen. Elaine Gannon          
Sen. Andrew Koenig         
Sen. Bob Onder               
Sen. Greg Razer               
Sen. Jill Schupp                

Sample Email

Please support HB387 which was heard in the Senate Education Committee on April 20. It sets guidelines for seclusion and restraint in MO schools. (In 2-3 sentences explain why you think MO needs a law placing guidelines on seclusion and restraint.) Thank you for helping protect Missouri's children.



This sample is very basic. You are welcome to share personal stories. These can make a big impact. We want to stress that it doesn't have to be long or fancy. Please take the time to reach out to all the committee members. Your emails can swing votes.

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