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The Stories

The Therapy for All Children Legislation would impact many Missouri children if passed. Each of our families has a different story about why this legislation is important. We will be passing out cards to legislators sharing their stories about their children with developmental disabilities. Click on the photos of the children to get a printable version of the legislative cards with their stories. If you have a story you would like to share, please email us.

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    Izabella is 9-yrs-old and lives in Springfield, MO. She has spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Thanks to physical therapy, Izabella has increased her mobility and core strength. These therapies have encouraged muscle and bone stimulation, which have allowed her growth to stay regular.

   In addition to the physical benefits, the therapies have given Izabella confidence and independence. She now advocates for herself when dealing with doctors.


Will is an energetic 7-yr-old from Columbia, MO. He has partial agenesis corpus callosum. Through intensive physical, speech, and occupational therapies, Will has learned to walk and is beginning to speak.
  Will’s family has been fortunate to have some of his therapies provided through a county program, but it hasn’t covered everything. They have had to make many sacrifices for him to get the support he needs. Without these therapies, Will would not be able to walk and play like he does today.

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Nathan is 11-yrs-old and has a genetic disorder. His family moved from rural Missouri to Columbia, MO, so he could get the support he needed. Even with this move, Nathan was not able to access the appropriate amount of therapy he required, as his insurance did not cover it.
   Recently, Nathan has been able to get 3 speech sessions a week. His language development has exploded. He is much more confident & independent. He still is not able to access as much occupational and physical therapy as he needs.

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Lilly Rose is a bubbly 3-year-old who lives in Columbia, MO. She has Mowat Wilson syndrome. To gain life skills & independence, Lilly needs a minimum of 108 therapy sessions/year. Her insurance plan caps her at 30 sessions annually. It has been a struggle for her parents to afford therapies.
    Because of Lilly’s intense therapy regimen, she has now taken her first independent steps and is self-feeding with a spoon. She is also beginning to use alternate communication devices to express herself and converse with others.

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Gunner is an energetic 7-yr-old from St. Joseph, MO. He has epilepsy & autism, along with other disorders. The therapies he has received have made a difference in his quality of life. Gunner is able to speak, write, & deal with sensory issues. He is in a regular classroom at school with his peers. Without therapy, he would not have a voice or be able to play & interact with family or peers. Gunner’s autism diagnosis has made it possible for him to get these therapies. His parents want all children with disabilities to be able to get these therapies.

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Dillon is 8 years old and lives in Kansas City, MO. He’s clever, full of energy and loves his family & friends. Dillon has autism. His family moved from northwest Missouri to Columbia from 2013-2017 to access therapies.
  Through therapies, Dillon was verbal by the age of 4. He continues to do speech and behavioral therapy today. Due to the early intervention he received, he’s made lots of progress! His parents hope children with other developmental disabilities will be able to access the same therapies as children with autism.

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