Our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities and promote inclusivity through advocacy efforts that lead to legislative and policy change. 

Missouri Disability Empowerment (MoDE)

MoDE advocates for change of policies and legislation which impact individuals with disabilities. While MoDE has one registered volunteer lobbyist in Missouri, many representing MoDE have taken their time to talk with lawmakers about the needs of individuals with disabilities.

We believe anyone can advocate and often it is a family affair!


#MyWhy Beads & Sparkly Shoes
Last year we introduced legislators to Flat MoDE Kids. This year, some of our MoDE advocates will be wearing sparkly mint green shoes in honor of MO's 100,000+ students receiving special education services. On our shoes will be beads which represent specific students for whom we are walking the halls. They are “My Why” Beads–why we do what we do. Parents of the students will also be receiving beads to wear as they advocate in their own schools and communities. We will give cards to legislators introducing them to the students and sharing our #MyWhy stories. It is an enormous privilege and responsibility to represent these students and we want to make sure that our focus stays on them. They are WHY our legislative advocacy matters!


How a Bill Becomes a Law
We send out regular updates on our legislative priorities through email and our Facebook page, but the legislative process can be very confusing. What happens after a bill is voted out of committee? Does it become a law when the entire House votes in favor of it? This "simple" chart outlines the path a bill takes to become a law. You can use it to locate where our bills are and what steps they still have to complete.


Legal Advocacy Fund
MoDE Foundation has established a legal advocacy fund. We recognize that IEP meetings are complicated and know that parents often benefit from the support of an advocate at these meetings. Sometimes a lawyer might even be needed. We want to support families as they advocate for their children's education by providing grants for advocates or lawyers. Not only can parents apply for a grant, but there is also information about mediation and a list of advocates & lawyers in MO who will support parents with issues related to special education.

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MoDE Foundation

While MoDE focuses on legislative disability advocacy, MoDE Foundation looks at the bigger picture of advocacy. MoDE Foundation is a coalition of individuals who not only support MoDE, but also have other projects. From educating parents to providing grants, MoDE Foundation empowers those with disabilities and promotes inclusion.

Navigating Our Site

This site features the work of MoDE. MoDE's advocacy priorities are in alignment with MoDE Foundation's priorities. Learn more about MoDE by reading its Mission, Vision, and Values and Who We Are. Find out how you can get involved with MoDE's work.

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